Anime post


At the top of the main page of the anime, you will find the front view.
This is the view that you will be shown first on the Anime-posts page.
On it are the anime title with cover, some anime information and my given romance rating.


Anime description

I have no description of the anime.
But there are a lot of anime descriptions you can find in the internet.
I always look at MyAnimeList.
Since I don’t know if I am allowed to copy the description just like that, I’ll leave it for now.


Status (Categories)


Anime that I saw after I created this blog.
To each episode I made notes so that I can give you accurate information about the facts.



Anime that I saw a long time ago, before I created this blog.
At that time I didn’t make any notes, so the facts are rather inaccurate memories of me.
But I will re-watch these anime later and update the facts.



Anime that contain my personal taboo facts.
I will not watch these anime.
This means that I probably can’t be as detailed about most of the facts here, so the facts will then be rather inaccurate.
But I’ll, as good as I can, spoil me from other sources and will then inform you about the (unchecked) facts.
Or one of my voluntary helpers checked the anime and sent me the data.
With this data I then created a post.
For more information about it -> Blacklist



Title of the anime in Japanese and English.

Adaption from

For example, the anime has been adaped by: Manga, Game, Light Novel, Visual Novel etc.

Romance Rating

The romance-rating that I gave the anime.
(You can read how the Romance rating is determined below, under Romance Ratinginfo.)


Here are all released seasons to the anime listed.
To each season the title (Japanese), episodes, release date, and release season will be displayed.
Some animes have a different chronological order, than how they was released.
The function to switch between release date and chronological order has not been implemented yet.
Therefore I will sort the order just by the release date for now.




After the front view comes the romance facts view
(This view also appears once you have decided for an anime on the Anime-posts page and clicked on “Spoil Yourself”.)
If you want to learn more about the romance part of the anime, you can find more information here.
This page shows you namely the romance facts of the anime and much more details.
Thereby you can choose yourself how far you want to reveal the spoiler.
If you want to know if a certain fact is true or not, just click on the arrow/plus.
A simple yes or no appears.
If you want more information, you will usually get more spoilers.
Depending on the fact, you can then spoil further, for example Who is involved, When it happens (with the exact episode), What happened and Why, and many other things.


My opinion

Nach den Romance-Fakten gibt es zum Abschluss dann zusätzlich noch meine Meinung.

Let me say this once again!
Please note that this is only my opinion and that I rate the romance as I feel it is right for me.
Some people (like me) like romance more vanilla and heartwarming, and with a little drama, which contributes to the romance and can create beautiful moments.
Others like it rather depresive, dramatic and dark love dramas. (Not so my case)
And others again do not like romance at all.
Everyone has a different taste, so don’t get influenced by my opinion.
Or, you can leave out my opinion completely and just check out the spoilers you need.

At the beginning I briefly describe the genre of anime.
Then how I felt the romance in general or between the couple/s in the anime.
Were there many sweet, romantic and heartwarming moments or was it rather more dramatic?
Or were there also funny moments?


As long as the animation is normal and not too bad or particularly good I usually have nothing to complain about it.


The most important characters that have something to do with romance I will describe here.
Mostly of course the main couple or side couples.

At this point I will talk about the end again.
Like, how I found the end and if I would watch another season.

Episode Rating:
Which episode I found the most romantic and which the most unromantic I state here with the episode number.

Romance Ratinginfo:

Here I summarize the positive and negative romance of the anime.
The points are added or deducted depending on the quality and quantity of the facts in the anime and how the facts have developed (positive or negative).
This is how my overall Romance rating is created.


Side note:

Sometimes you can find some short information about the adaptation to which the anime belongs.