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You can choose yourself how you want to spoil yourself. The first spoiler indicates whether the fact is included or not.
Should a fact be included, you can now decide if you want spoil you the fact more detailed (when, how, etc.).


General facts:


Main protagonists (couple or couples), of which the relationship revolves.

Age Gap:
Does the couple have a big age difference? If so, how big is it?

Time skip:
Does a longer time go by? If so, how long?

Sexual content:

– Fanservice:
Is there bare skin to see or more? If so, how strongly represented?

– Sexual harassment:
Is a person in anime sexually harassed?

– Sex scenes:
Does the couple have sex? And how intensive is the scene shown?

– Rape:
Does the anime contain rape? And are scenes maybe even shown?



Romance facts:


Harem (Categories):

– Normal Harem:
When several female characters are in love with the main protagonist.

– Reverse Harem:
When several male characters are in love with the main protagonist.

– Harem-Style:
When the harem is based on friendship rather than romance.
Maybe the harem will even help the couple get together?


Love Triangle (Categories):

– Minitriangle:
When a love triangle is shown barely or very weak. For example, only about one or two episodes, or misunderstandings creates a love triangle, which maybe isn’t even one.

(Drama intensity: mostly Light and of short duration)

– Normal Love Triangle:
If character A and character B are the main protagonists of the romance and character C falls in love with a main protagonist.
Or, character A can’t decide between character B and character C, so the love triangle drama drags on.

(Drama intensity: Medium to Heavy)

– Love-Polygon:
If character A is in love with character B, character B is in love with character C, character C is in love with character D, and so on.

(Drama intensity: Medium to Heavy)

Interruptions at:
Will the couple be interrupted “suddenly” when characters just want to kiss or confess their love?

Love confession:
Is there a real love confession without interruptions?

Is there a real kiss without interruptions?

Will the couple get together (Couple Srart):
Is the couple coming together?

Will the couple stay together (Couple End):
Will the couple stay together? If not, what happens and when?

(Short version) Will one of the main protagonist, around whom the relationship revolves, be Unfaithful?
Or is someone tring to steal away one of the lovers?

If NTR is hinted but nothing like that happens.

Dead of a love partner:
Will one or both of the main protagonists, around whom the relationship revolves, die?

Will one or both of the main protagonists, around whom the relationship revolves, lose their memories?



– Happy End

– Bittersweet End:
An end, which is both good and bad.

– Sad/Bad End

– Normal End:
An end of the anime but not with the whole story. Maybe the story will continue in the next season or in the manga?

– Open End:
An anime/manga that ends but does not close completely and leaves further questions unanswered.