Blog Summary

I list animes on my blog that contain romance.
Romance fans who are looking for romance in anime, you can find anime with romance here (checked by me).

Thereby you should pay attention to some important things:

  1. You can decide for yourself, based only on my given romance rating, if you are interested in the anime.
    • Attention, that’s just my rating, on how I find the romance quality for the anime and how good implement it is.
      I do not rate animation, music, characters or the general story (unless of course it’s a factor that additionally contributes to romance).
  1. But if you want to know more, then click on >> Spoil yourself << to switch to the complete anime page.
    • There you can check out which facts apply to the anime and which do not.
      So for example, whether in the anime NTR occurs OR the couple kisses OR whether they come together and much more…
      You can easily spoil this by clicking on the arrow/plus.
      If you want even more detailed spoilers, then there is usually also a when and a what/why spoiler.
  1. And, if you want to read my opinion or for example, how I got the romance rating, you can read this at the bottom of the anime page.
    • Just want to say again, please note that the romance rating is my opinion on the romance in the anime.
      Everyone has a different taste, so don’t get influenced by my opinion.
  1. In addition I also have a blacklist.
    • That is where anime ends up, which I put on the blacklist because of my taboo facts.
  1. Currently I have uploaded 40 anime posts so far.
    • If you are looking for a specific anime, chances are you won’t find it.
      Please be patient and check back later, maybe I have edited it by then.
      In the meantime I hope that I could help you with the existing anime posts.

If you need more detailed information about the blog or additional explanations about functions, you can find everything you need in this description: