Taboo facts

If any of these taboo facts occur in an anime, then I will most likely not watch the anime.
Still, I’ll spoil me this anime somewhere else, as best as I can, and try to put it into the facts of the anime


These are my personal taboo facts:


If the age difference is greater than 5 years.
(Except when the couple is over 25, then the age difference can be a little bigger)


Love Triangle:
When there is a strong presence of the Love Triangle and the anime is all about the Love Triangle drama.


He loves her, she loves another guy, this guy loves another girl….
Soap opera drama, is rather boring for me.


When it’s very strong represented.
Everyone wants the main protagonist, but he’s either too dense to understand or a coward.
Most of the time there is also very strong and pointless fan-service included.

In rare cases, a harem protagonist wins the main protagonist, but that in turn would be bittersweet, since the other harem protagonists lose.
Perhaps even the harem protagonist, for whom one supported enthusiastically for, loses.
And then in the end after all, you are disappointed.
No thanks, has unfortunately happened to me too often.
The Tsundere always wins in most cases anyway.
And I’m not really a fan of Tsundere’s.
They can never express their feelings. Annoying.


Will the couple stay together:
If the couple separates and doesn’t get back together again.
Even worse, if it happens for reasons that are completely meaningless, because the author is probably just trying to cause a shock moment there.


NTR and/or Rape:
I think I don’t need to explain that, in my opinion, this should not exist in Anime!!


Dead of a love partner:
If you hope, throughout the anime, that the main protagonists come together, but at the end one or both of the main protagonists, around whom the relationship revolves, dies.
Too sad for my weak heart.
(Except the main protagonists are revived)


If you hope, throughout the anime, that the main protagonists come together, but at the end one or both of the main protagonists, around whom the relationship, lose their memories.
Too sad for my weak heart.
(Except the main protagonists get the memories back)


– Open End:
If at the end the main protagonists don’t come together and it is not told, whether the relationship will develop further or not.

– Bittersweet End:
If the anime has a good anime ending but a bad/sad romance ending.

– Sad/Bad End:
When the anime has an ending, that contains for example the facts: amnesia, death of a love partner or separation of the couple.


This is the type of anime in which the author takes advantage of the anime ending not with a happy ending but through a shock moment in order to be successful.
The audience gets surprised, thus the anime gets more attention.
Wow… that’s what I rather call unpretentious writing.
But some anime fans are unfortunately far too easy to be fooled or have masochistic tendencies.

Just to clarify it with an example:
Showing a treat to a dog, then hiding it, showing it again, holding it under the dog’s nose, taking it away again, then laughing at the “stupidity” of the dog and not giving him the treat afterwards.
At some point the dog gets annoyed and doesn’t want to play with you any more.

Yes, I feel just like the dog when the author tries to fool me.
But I stopped being a “stupid” dog.
Some anime now just annoy me so much that I don’t even want to watch them.

Now that’s not a high factor, but in some cases character personalities can also count as taboo facts:

– As already written here in the Harem fact, I’m not a big fan of Tsunderen.
(For example, Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. I couldn’t take her anymore and gave up the anime after the second season.)

– Coward characters who don’t develop further in the course of the anime and don’t show brave/adult behavior are also annoying.
(There is enough of them in harem anime)

– And, when a character counts as a playboy/promiscuous girl, and that also appears intensely in the anime, that is rather repulsive to me.
To put it simply: If the topic sex > romance, then it goes to the blacklist.


You should also know that I’m not really interested in anime that have focus on Yaoi/Yuri/Traps.



Should one or more of these taboo facts appear in the anime, it will immediately end up in my blacklist.

For me the are just:

– Too dark (regarding NTR | Rape)

– Full of drama (regarding Age-Gap | Love Triangle | NTR | Rape | Couple separates | Death/Amnesia of a love partner)

– Waste of time and unsatisfying (regarding the Ending)


When I come home after work tired and stressed out, I would like to cheer myself up with an anime and not get myself in worse shape.
Besides, there are already enough annoying situations and bad surprises in life, thus I don’t want to feel more depressed while watching an anime too.
Thus I avoid anime that could do that to me too.