Blacklist description

On the Blacklist page you find a list of anime that contain my taboo facts – Sorted alphabetically.

Of course applies here:

Warning Spoilers

And please also don’t forget, this is about the romance aspects.

Some of the anime on this list are considered masterpieces by many because of other factors that make them stand out.
Story, animation, music, characters, message or even all of them together.

So, just because they are blacklisted here, doesn’t mean that these anime are bad.
And if you’re not as picky as I am and don’t mind certain facts, then you’ve come to the right place.

This is how the list works

Simple view:

Name of the anime (Japanese name | English name (number of episodes) )

Topic of the anime, or rather what the anime is (roughly) about.

And a substantiation on why the anime is on the blacklist, usually with the respective taboo fact.
The substantiations are only very vague for the time being, since I haven’t seen the anime myself and therefore can’t spoil it in detail.
I then found either statements (or even video evidence) on the Internet.
Or, I saw the anime myself a long time ago (and dropped it).
At facts where I’m not really sure, then there is mostly a (?) or, when I’m pretty sure a (,I think).


Extended view:

– This view is only available if a volunteer helper has sent me the data of one of the anime on the blacklist to upload a normal post. –

Simply click on the rosy name of the anime, which then leads you to the normal view. (Like a normal anime post.)

For visitors of my blog who want to help me voluntarily

Maybe that could be something for you now.

Since I’ve already received quite a few emails from people who visit my blog and who want to volunteer to help me, I’ve come up with something.

As mentioned earlier, I don’t watch most of the anime that I add to my blacklist.
This makes it all the more difficult for me to find information about the respective anime.

For example:
When I see an anime on MAL that has the genre romance, then I search through several pages, forums (and yes sometimes even through memes ???? ), whether the anime really contains romance, how much, how well and if it contains any of my taboo facts.
Should this be the case, I then try to find further details. What? When? Who? Why? … But in most of the time I only find very little.

So here for visitors who want to help me voluntarily:
Help me with the anime on my blacklist.
Do you know more anime that could fit into my blacklist?
Do you maybe have any further information about the anime that are already on the blacklist?
No matter if small information, or even so much information that I can create a whole post from it.
Just send me the information you have by email.
You can also send it to me in a text file.
Word, Open Office, Adobe Reader or simply written in the Windows editor is also possible. ????

– Keep it simple.
Important is, whether it contains a fact or not.
– Then it would be nice, to have some information/details, and in which episode this happens.
– Maybe also shortly describe the characters and the ending.
– Of course you don’t need to provide for the anime informations like title and relation.
– (If you want you can also write your opinion about it, though I will very likely not add it to the anime post or only parts of it.)

I think you’ve already read a few of my posts, then you certainly already know what I need.

In case you want to see an example of what it roughly looks like in the end: White Album 2 is a post that I did with the help of XVaDeRX.

Help me (and also the other people who may have the same or some taboo facts as me) to find these anime and list them with the details.
So that these can be identified and avoided.
OR, maybe there are even people who are looking for exactly such anime.
These people could also be helped.
Everyone has a different taste, hehe.