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TitleEpisodesRelease dateRelease season
Season 1Majimoji Rurumo1209. July 2014 ‑ 24. September 2014Summer 2014
Season 2Majimoji Rurumo: Kanketsu-hen209. July 2019Summer 2019


General facts

Kouta Shibaki

⇒⇒ 💖


Rurumo Maji Mojiruka

The relationship between Kouta Shibaki and Rurumo Maji Mojiruka develops very slowly in the beginning.

They often save each other from trouble and have their moments together, but do not realize that they are slowly falling in love with each other.

Although it must be said that the realization is noticeable on Rurumo Maji Mojiruka earlier than on Kouta Shibaki, but she doesn’t understand this feeling at first.

Tanako Kujirai

⇒⇒ 💖 ?⇐




Tanako Kujirai has an enormous crush on Senpai, and she tries everything to get his attention.

But he shows zero interest.
Senpai is rather only interested in the supernatural.

Kyouko Izumi

⇒⇒ 💖


Tomoha Sakurai

To be honest, I find the relationship between the two quite meaningless.

First, because there is no real development to be seen in anime.
There is only a short moment where you notice that Kyouko Izumi has a crush on Tomoha Sakurai, but that’ s all.

Season 1, episode 10

Second, Tomoha Sakurai is a playboy and has dates with different girls every day.

Season 1, episode 12

Whether Tomoha Sakurai is really serious about the relationship with Kyouko Izumi is therefore uncertain.

Yes, but somehow this is not questioned/addressed further in the anime.

Rurumo Maji Mojiruka mentions that she is 315 years old.

Season 1, episode 5

In addition, she also says that she (or more precisely, her breasts) have not grown for 300 years.

Season 1, episode 9



Fanservice – Weak to Medium

Since Majimoji Rurumo also contains the additional genre of comedy and ecchi, the anime naturally also includes the standard fanservice package.

Panties and bras, some naked skin, shaking breasts, the beach and onsen episode and the horny prepubescent main character Kouta Shibaki.
Whether he looks under the girls’ skirts or greets the policewoman by sticking his head between her breasts, he constantly needs to harass the girls.

The most disturbing scene is when Kouta Shibaki tries to tear the towel off the girls’ bodies in the Onsen episode.

Season 1, episode 7

Season 1, episode 10

After that, however, the fan service drops down quite a bit, and the anime becomes more serious and bearable.

Romance facts


No – Minitriangle, Very weakly represented and rather irrelevant


♥ ⇒⇒⇒

Kouta Shibaki

This relationship shouldn’t be taken too seriously, since Mimi is actually a cat, and only appears very briefly in the anime.

When Mimi first met Kouta Shibaki, it was love at first sight for her.
So after she returned to the world of the witches, she made herself a Kouta Shibaki doll.

Season 2, episode 2

Sumiko Inoue

♥ ⇒⇒⇒

Kouta Shibaki

If I understood that correctly, Sumiko Inoue and Kouta Shibaki know each other from childhood, furthermore their mothers are friends.

As a child Sumiko Inoue was teased by the other children that she was not a girl.
Therefore she became a somewhat stricter girl who doubtes her femininity.

Kouta Shibaki was the only one who didn’t tease her, which is probably why Sumiko Inoue blushes when he compliments her, and even saves her from death.

Season 1, episode 4

That may not say much, but the last scene convinced me to at least consider it as a mini triangle, because it hints quite clearly that Sumiko Inoue could probably have feelings for Kouta Shibaki after all.

Kouta Shibaki had died, and when he was revived, everyone was surprised.
Sumiko Inoue not only looked surprised, but also blushed.
So I think she is very happy and grateful.

(At the funeral, Sumiko Inoue was also among the people who cried the hardest.)


Kouta Shibaki and Rurumo Maji Mojiruka

Kouta Shibaki’s mother bursts into his room.

Season 1, episode 2

Rurumo Maji Mojiruka is cursed, which changes her personality, and is desperate trying to kiss Kouta Shibaki.
He is obviously enthusiastic about it, but decides to withdraw at the last moment.

Season 1, episode 7


Kouta Shibaki makes a Love confession to Rurumo Maji Mojiruka .

Kouta Shibaki and Rurumo Maji Mojiruka embrace each other longingly, as if they were symbolically saying: Never let go of me again.

Season 2, episode 2

Tanako Kujirai jumps at Senpai and confesses her love.

The answer doesn’t really get displayed.
But during the course of the anime you notice that he is simply not interested in Tanako Kujirai, and Senpai always gives her a rejection.

Season 1, episode 3


Kouta Shibaki and Rurumo Maji Mojiruka

Season 2, episode 2

To conclude the series, there is a kiss between the two to be seen.


Kouta Shibaki and Rurumo Maji Mojiruka

Season 2, episode 2

Kyouko Izumi and Tomoha Sakurai

Staffe 2, Folge 2

I honestly did not see this relationship coming.
No really, if I hadn’t rewinded a bit back to check something else, this spoiler wouldn’t have been created at all.
You have to look very carefully at the end, otherwise you will miss it easily.



Yes – Weak and rather insignificant

Kouta Shibaki

Kouta Shibaki didn’t really had much going on with Rurumo Maji Mojiruka in the beginning.

He wrongly misunderstands that Tanako Kujirai has feelings for him.
And since every girl is fine for him in the beginning, he is of course overjoyed about it.
Therefore he is devastated when he realizes that her feelings were not meant for him but for Senpai.

Season 1, episode 3


Kouta Shibaki

Season 2, episode 1

He gets revived.

Season 2, episode 2

Yes – 2 times

Only temporary.

Rurumo Maji Mojiruka casts a spell and everyone forgets her for 24 hours.
They all notice that they remember a girl, especially Kouta Shibaki.
But nobody realizes, that it is Rurumo Maji Mojiruka , which they have forgotten.

Season 1, episode 12

Permanently (except for Kouta Shibaki).

Since Rurumo Maji Mojiruka has to return to her witch world, she goes to all her friends with whom she has made memories and casts a spell on them to erase Rurumo Maji Mojiruka from their minds.

Season 2, episode 1

Romantic happy ending (and also a little bit bittersweet)

Kouta Shibaki and Rurumo Maji Mojiruka become a couple and kiss at the end.

(Kyouko Izumi and Tomoha Sakurai also become a couple.)

None of Rurumo Maji Mojiruka’s friends (except Kouta Shibaki) can remember the first 500 days that they spent with her because Rurumo Maji Mojiruka had to delete their memories.

My opinion


‘Majimoji Rurumo’ is again one of those RomCom anime filled with perverse comedy.
Some scenes can even be really disturbing.

Nevertheless, this anime can also impress with some good romance and drama moments.
Especially towards the end the anime gets more serious and thrilling, which surprised me positively.

Besides, there is also drama in the anime that is completely out of place for such an anime.

In one episode Kouta Shibaki find abandoned cats.
He takes care of them and tries to find new owners for them.
At the end of the episode the anime escalates and lets one of the cats die.

I personally found it somehow unnecessary and unfitting for a RomCom/Ecchi Anime.

Season 1, episode 6


There is nothing wrong with the animation.


Kouta Shibaki and Rurumo:

Kouta Shibaki has two sides.
From one side he is the pure Ecchi Charackter.
Perverse, always thinking of that One thing and constantly harassing the girls, which can often be really cringe.
On the other hand, he can also show himself to be caring and kindhearted guy.

Rurumo Maji Mojiruka is a quiet and slow person.
In the beginning she also seems a bit emotionless.
But with time you will notice how shy, clumsy and off track she can be.
Which in my opinion somehow makes her really cute and lovable.


The second season of Majimoji Rurumo ends with a romantic happy ending.
The pace may was a bit too fast, but I still found it satisfying.

Episode Rating:

The last four episodes I found very well done.
Thereby I found season 1, episode 12, the most romantic one.

The episodes before that are a mixture of fanservice, comedy and some romance in between.

Love confessionsFanservice (and disturbing scenes)
Sweet and heartwarming momentsKiss interruptions
…gets revived.
Death of a love partner (Kouta Shibaki)…
KissUnrequited love for side-characker (Tanako Kujirai)
Romantic happy endingPlayboy Side Characker (Tomoha Sakurai)
(Serious relationship with Kyouko Izumi?)
Romance rating:

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Love confessions
Sweet and heartwarming moments
Negativ: Death of a love partner (Kouta Shibaki)
gets revived.
Romantic happy ending
Fanservice (and disturbing scenes)
Kiss interruptions
Death of a love partner (Kouta Shibaki)
Positiv: gets revived.
Unrequited love for side-characker (Tanako Kujirai)
Playboy Side Characker (Tomoha Sakurai)
(Serious relationship with Kyouko Izumi?)
Romance rating:

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