17. February 2023

Design-Update 3.0

The time has finally come… once again… a new design.

Unfortunately, I worked on it for almost exactly one year.

I have changed and renewed a few things and I hope now that this time everything will work better.

So let me start explaining the changes to you:

General Blog Page
  • First of all, I wanted my accent color to stand out a little more because everything seemed a little too contrasty and boring to me.
  • This also helps to keep the overview better in some areas.

The header has changed a bit
  • As mentioned in the last news, I have renamed the comments section.
    From ‘Guestbook’ to ‘Comments’.
    Thus, I keep the home page more minimalist.
  • I also created the ‘About’ tab.
    Here I have now moved the descriptions and the changelog.
    Maybe I will add other pages in the future.
  • And below the header is the new search function. (????)
    It has the live function now, and shows you the posts right away.

  • The header is now also on the home page, for easier navigation.
  • The tabs have been removed to keep the design more minimalistic.
  • Better color scheme.
  • Small area where the news are briefly explained, with redirection to the detailed news.
    I have namely for the news, a completely separate page set up for it.
  • New post slider.
    The images are finally all of a uniform size.

Anime Blog Page
  • An important new feature that I actually wanted to have in the last update, and could finally implement now.
    You can spoil yourself instantly now.
    To do this, all you have to do is click on ‘Tags / Quick Spoilers‘ at the top of the post.
    Here you will now see ALL the tags that the anime contains, respectively all the facts that are true.
  • The second thing is more of a small thing.
    The ‘Spoil Yourself’ button is back, finally.
    And the page numbering is central.

Otherwise, everything here has remained the same.


Here we now come to the most elaborate innovation.

The old spoiler function was very outdated and didn’t work very well on most browsers anymore.
I had to remove it and replace it with a new spoiler function that I think should work even better now.

  • This, of course, also got more color.
  • You can now recognize exactly which spoilers are active and which are not.
  • The spoilers are now also better packed, so the division of the other spoilers are more visible.
  • There are different types of spoilers, to better distinguish them, they are provided with different colors.
    (Black – Manga spoiler , Light Blue – spoiler with My opinion)
  • The annoying big black line that was present under the character images in the ‘couples’ is finally gone.

Since I had to edit each post individually, in both languages (80 posts in total), I also had tto spend a lot of time on it.

  • I always had to check if everything fits and looks good, also for the mobile version.
    That’s why it all took so long.
  • I also had to correct and add some stuff to a lot of posts.
  • And one very important thing I have to mention is that I made a mistake in the ‘3D Kanojo: Real Girl’ post.
    I mixed up a character in a scene, whereby I then had to completely change a fact.
    In the scene the danger of confusion is quite high.
    Therefore, I can only recommend you to look at the fact ‘NTR Vibes’ (again)!

  • The Blacklist, Post Status, Changelog and Guestbook pages have all been refreshed as well.
  • The description pages have not been changed yet!
    I will do that now subsequently, because I have thought of some new things that could be added.

Mobile users
  • Layout for mobile users revised and adapted once again.

  • Six new anime added to the blacklist.
    (More will follow soon!)


Now for the things that no longer work (for now):

  1. I couldn’t insert the progress bar under the post status in the header, which was used to see how far I had progressed with the next post.
  2. Top bar with the advanced search removed for the time being.
  3. The new search function does not yet work language-dependent.
  4. Open and close all spoilers with one click, no longer works.

When will these functions be restored?

The following problem exists:

I can’t work on problems 1 – 3 yet.

The thing is, my language plugin, does not work with all the features of the new WordPress version.
This means that I can’t design my header as freely as I would like.

The solution would be to either spend a lot of money on the premium version of the above mentioned language plugin.

Or else, wait and see.
Because WordPress is currently in a new development process.
And the problem with the language will soon solve itself.

The only issue is that it might take a few more months.
Because WordPress is still in phase 2 of its development.
And the language functionality, will be released as late as phase 4.

However, since problems 1 – 3 are rather minor, I hope you can be understanding and a little patient.

For problem 4, unfortunately, I have not yet found a solution.
I would have to read more into whether that would work at all.
Because I would really like to have this function back, as I think it’s very important.

What’s next?

I plan to create a Discord server to create a small community, maybe even a little more active, and where the community can help each other among themselves, other new visitors and maybe even me.

There I have the possibility to create different areas:

  • Of course a general one for normal chatting
  • I would like to set up an area for recommendations.
    People can then simply write their recommendation in there.
  • Maybe even a recommendation section for manga?
  • The section for anime where you think they can be added to the blacklist.
  • A volunteer section where you submit your information to me, and then I could create a new post on the blog from it.
  • And let’s see what I / we can come up with later.

So, as you can see, I’ve finally managed to do quite a bit on the site in the last few months.
And I am currently also really motivated to continue to work on it and fill the site again with new anime posts.

I hope you like the new design and especially that it will work better with your browser.
This was a lot of work, but it was also fun.

Let’s see how much I can do this year! ????