29. May 2023

What has happened in the last few months?

Hey guys, I would like to tell you here what has happened in recent months on the website.
Privately, some stuff happened too, I will tell you “briefly” what exactly happened, but without going into too much detail.

Blog page:

So… after I updated the design of the website, I thought that this would increase my visitor numbers again, but unfortunately this was not the case.
Nothing changed, therefore I tried again with something else.

I had mentioned this a few times before, and in March it finally happened.
I changed my hoster, hoping that the servers of the new hoster would help the website to rank better on Google.
The change was not so easy, because I had to take care of a lot of organizational matters.

Besides many new data changes and updates, I also had to make a backup.
Restoring the backup on the new servers was a pain.
Some things got screwed up and some things completely stopped working.
Once again, I had to work long hours to get all the functions working without any problems.

I also had to experiment a lot with page optimization and page speed until it was (reasonably) perfect.
In addition, I had to wait a little longer than expected for some registrations.

After a couple of weeks, I was finally done with it and the website was running in normal mode again.

The advantage of the new hoster is that it is better and cost less.
And now comes the best part: For little money I was able to secure my website for the next 4 years 🎉
So you don’t have to worry that suddenly my website won’t exist anymore.


After I was done with changing the hoster, I started to write my new post.

During this time I have always kept an eye on my visitor numbers as well.
But unfortunately, to my regret, the hoster change has had no effect.
On the contrary, the number of visitors has decreased even further.

So at the moment I have an average of 200 visitors per month.
Just as a small comparison, in Janurary 2021 I used to have 6000 visitors.
So I have a drop of whole 97% !!!!

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to whine here.
I just want to explain what this is doing to me and so that you understand how my current situation is.

So, I really work a lot on this website and a lot of it you don’t see because it happens in the background.

I have no idea how to properly do proffessional blogging and page creation (design and programming)?
This is just a hobby for me here, as I’ve mentioned many times before.

I invest my hard-earned money here, and a lot of my free time, to make everything work here.

So many days and also vacation days invested to work intensively on posts or on the design.
So much time spent to find the right plugins I need or researched on the internet to get plugins running.
To understand Goolge’s algorithm and how to use the right SEO, and other things to educate myself so that I can figure out how to increase the number of visitors, all that took a lot of time as well.

And in the end? Everything was completely useless.
So much time wasted for no improvement at all.

In the past, it DID work, without me having to put in a lot of effort or having to have certain knowledge.
But suddenly it no longer works, even if I have tried everything.
I am at my wit’s end and really have absolutely no idea where the problem could still lie.

And getting professional help costs money… a looot of money.
Some want about 300€ JUST for the analysis.
To solve the problem we are talking about 2000€ or more.
Unfortunately I don’t have that much money, and I also don’t want to spend it for this little hobby blog.

So for now I’ll just leave everything as it is.

Well, what am I getting at…

All this really pulls me down a lot.
My motivation is hardly there + my private problems, which I drag behind me, do not make it easier.
But nevertheless I continue.
I have tried everything, and now I have no choice but to simply continue to only writing posts.

And so I did.
Throughout April, I continued to write my article from time to time, which I had already started.
Then May arrived, which was quite a month.

I was in the hospital for a few days because of a very strong inflammation.
There were concerns at first, but in the end it was fortunately nothing serious and I was allowed to go back home.
I’m better now, but it still affected my psyche.

A couple of weeks later I had to go to the hospital again.
This time I broke one of my fingers 😑
So writing at the moment is really difficult, but I’m trying my best anyway, it might just take longer now, he he he……

And as if my psyche wasn’t already suffering enough, that’s on top of it.

So at the moment I just feel extremely 💩

All right, now you know what’s going on with me.

For the few people who are still reading this, and especially those who are showing me that they are there, by giving likes on posts or even commenting:
THANK YOU for your support 💋💖

I wish you now much fun with my newest post.
The next post is already in the works and should not have be so long in coming… depending on how that works with my broken finger 😅