Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

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🇯🇵 Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

🇬🇧 Snow White with the Red Hair

Adaption from: Manga

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TitleEpisodesRelease dateRelease season
Season 1Akagami no Shirayuki-hime1207. July 2015 ‑ 22. September 2015Summer 2015
OVAAkagami no Shirayuki-hime:
Nandemonai Takaramono, Kono Page
105. January 2016Winter 2016 
Season 2Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (2016)1212. January 2016 ‑ 29. March 2016Winter 2016 
Season 3No information yet


General facts

Zen Wistalia Clarines

⇒⇒ 💖 ⇐⇐



When they meet for the first time, Shirayuki notices that Zen Wistalia Clarines has wounded his right arm and wants to treat him with her medicine.

However, Zen Wistalia Clarines doesn’t trust her at first and thinks that she wants to poison him.
But Shirayuki immediately finds a solution.

She wounds herself and treats herself with her medicine to reassure him.
This surprised Zen Wistalia Clarines and convinced him, thus leading him to apologize and let Shirayuki take care of him.

From then on, they become friends.
After watching the 2nd episodes, however, you begin to realize that they are more than just friends.
And from then on, episode after episode, the two get closer and closer.

Mitsuhide Rouen

⇒⇒ 💖 ?⇐



Kiki Seiran

Mitsuhide Rouen and Kiki Seiran are Zen Wistalia Clarines’s bodyguards and are barely introduced in the first season.

Not until the OVA and halfway through the second season do we get to know them better.

Mitsuhide Rouen was Zen Wistalia Clarines’s first bodyguard.
A little later, Kiki Seiran joined them and Mitsuhide Rouen then started to have a little crush on her.

It is very noticeable on him, as he often protects her and looks out for her.
But he also indicates very passively that he likes her.

(Read about Kiki Seiran’s related reaction in the spoiler after!)


  • (In a flashback:)
    He blushes when he addresses Kiki Seiran’s name normally, without using the polite form.
  • He thinks out loud about dating Kiki Seiran (and is slightly flushed).

Season 2, episode 9:

  • He says to Kiki Seiran that if Zen Wistalia Clarines would leave him alone one day, Mitsuhide Rouen would know a woman he would like to marry.

    (In other words, he passively tells Kiki Seiran that he would marry her.)

Season 2, episode 10:

  • Obi makes Mitsuhide Rouen jealous when he tells him to imagine Kiki Seiran being with a stranger by her side.

On the other hand, it feels as if Kiki Seiran is rather averse to Mitsuhide Rouen’s Seiran, as she always shows her cold side towards him and reacts dismissively.


  • (In a flashback:)
    He blushes when he addresses Kiki Seiran’s name normally, without using the polite form… She looks at him, somewhat unpleasantly surprised.
  • He thinks out loud about dating Kiki Seiran (and is slightly flushed)…
    Just at that moment, Kiki Seiran suddenly bursts into the room and has heard Mitsuhide Rouen.
    She immediately closes the door and locks Mitsuhide Rouen in the room.
    Mitsuhide Rouen simply looks shocked and wonders if a date with him would really be so repugnant to her.

Season 2, episode 9:

  • Mitsuhide Rouen wird von einer betrügerischen Frau dazu verführt, eine Nacht mit ihr zu verbringen.
    Als er Kiki Seiran darauf hinweist, dass sie dazwischen gehen soll, sagt Kiki Seiran ganz kalt, dass sie nichts dagegen hat und es sogar befürwortet.
    (Mitsuhide Rouen lehnt natürlich die Einladung der Frau ab.)
  • He says to Kiki Seiran that if Zen Wistalia Clarines would leave him alone one day, Mitsuhide Rouen would know a woman he would like to marry.

    (In other words, he passively tells Kiki Seiran that he would marry her.)

    Thereupon Kiki Seiran gives him an evasive answer.
    “That someone could be Obi.”

Season 2, episode 11:

  • Mitsuhide Rouens behaves differently because of a herbal substance.
    He becomes more chivalrous and too overprotective.
    When he accidentally bumps into Kiki Seiran, he apologizes a bit too exaggeratedly and wishes her a good morning.
    With a very disturbed look, Kiki Seiran greets him with a very cold and annoyed ‘morning’ and gives him a little slap in the face.

There are also a few really small moments where, Kiki Seiran shows her warm side towards Mitsuhide Rouen.

Season 2, episode 6:

  • She hides behind Mitsuhide Rouen as Zen Wistalia Clarines gives them both a mean look.

Season 2, episode 8:

  • She sincerely thanks Mitsuhide Rouen for saving her in the episode before.

Season 2, episode 10:

  • She even speaks well of Mitsuhide Rouen for once.

Unfortunately, these are only small moments, which is why I have a hard time understanding her feelings for Mitsuhide Rouen.

Is she hiding her true feelings from him?

Is she unable to do so because of her cold, badass personality?

Or does she really have no feelings for him and just wants to keep him at a distance and remain only as a befriended bodyguard?

The truth is:

Yes, Kiki Seiran has romantic feelings for Mitsuhide Rouen.

(For more information ➜ Love confession ➜ Manga spoiler)




Romance facts




♥ ⇒⇒⇒


Obi is ordered by Zen Wistalia Clarines to be Shirayuki’s bodyguard, so that he watches over her and protects her.
This leads to the fact that he accompanies her everywhere and spends a lot of time with her.

And often it happens that he rescues Shirayuki or helps her out of trouble.

After some time you also notice that he would like to be closer to her.

Like, for example, that he:

  • looks at her more closely.
  • wants to grab Shirayuki’s hand as she walks in front of him.
    (And then abruptly stops the action because Zen suddenly appears.)
  • gives her a hair ornament.
  • gets flashed by Shirayuki’s smile.
  • keeps the special moment of Shirayuki’s touch in his memory when she once fell into his arms unintentionally.
  • gets very angry at himself when he couldn’t protect Shirayuki at one time.

However, he refrains from doing so because he respects Zen Wistalia Clarines too much and is loyal to him.
Besides, Zen Wistalia Clarines and Shirayuki are very important to him and he would never want to separate or hurt them.

Therefore, he keeps his feelings hidden deep within himself.

Raji Shenazard

♥ ⇒⇒⇒


Raji Shenazard is the evil prince in the beginning and is looking for a beautiful girl to be his concubine.
He chooses Shirayuki because of her red hair and orders his bodyguard to bring Shirayuki to his castle.

This leads to Shirayuki escaping during the night and hiding in a house in the forest.
The next morning she meets Zen Wistalia Clarines there.

However, Shirayuki gets found by Raji Shenazard and his bodyguard and forced to come with him to the castle.
But Zen Wistalia Clarines comes to rescue her.
Raji Shenazard receives some humiliation, and he shall never have contact with Shirayuki again.

In season 2, Shirayuki receives directions from Zen Wistalia Clarines’s big brother to go back to her hometown.
To be more precise, she has to go to Raji Shenazard’s castle for a few weeks, and spend time with him.
So that a friendship can be established (and Raji Shenazard’s good-for-nothing attitude improved).

After she spends some time with him, you notice that his behavior is slowly changing.
He tries to be more adult, open and brave.

Shirayuki slowly opens his eyes and you can realize that she becomes important to him.
However, it doesn’t seem like he is in love with her.
After the meeting, Shirayuki goes back home to Zen Wistalia Clarines’s castle.

Later, Raji Shenazard sends his bodyguard to Zen Wistalia Clarines’s castle.
The bodyguard tells Shirayuki that he is thinking of suggesting her as a spouse for Raji Shenazard and gives her a letter from Raji Shenazard.
In it, Raji Shenazard writes that she does not need to worry about this suggestion and that he is satisfied with the current relationship that he has with her.

Season 2, episode 12


Zen Wistalia Clarines clearly expresses to Shirayuki his affection for her and would like to know about her feelings.

Shirayuki returns Zen Wistalia Clarines’s feelings.

Season 1, episode 11

Later, there is also another declaration of love from the two, although it sounds more like a marriage proposal as they promise each other for the future.

Season 2, episode 12

Kiki Seiran and Mitsuhide Rouen

In the manga, Kiki Seiran makes a love confession to Mitsuhide Rouen.

BUT… Mitsuhide Rouen rejects her!


Because Zen Wistalia Clarines is Mitsuhide Rouen’s top priority and he has a really EXTREMELY strong ambition to protect him all his life.

He waits until Zen Wistalia Clarines is married and settled down.

Still, he makes it very clear to her once again how important and irreplaceable she is to him and how much he values their time spent together.

Chapters 92-93

A little later, Kiki Seiran receives a marriage proposal from Hisame Lugis, which she accepts, as she thinks they might make a good team together after all.

Chapter 103

Up to this point (Chapter 126), Kiki Seiran and Hisame Lugi are still engaged.

I’m not particularly happy about the course of development with Mitsuhide Rouen and Kiki Seiran.

The fact that Mitsuhide Rouen is so obsessed with protecting Zen Wistalia Clarines and sacrifices his romantic life for him, and then suddenly another man (Hisame Lugi) appears and suddenly has a relationship with Kiki Seiran, irritates me quite a bit.

It almost feels like a death flag for Mitsuhide Rouen to me.

Just to create a little cliché drama at the end of the story — where Mitsuhide Rouen dies in Kiki Seiran’s arms at the end and he gets emotional one last time and wishes her good luck in her life with Hisame Lugi, of course accompanied by dramatic music so that the whole tear-jerk experience gets pushed through — or some kind of boring thing like that. 😅

This somehow ruins for me the fairy tale romantic atmostphere that I really admired in the anime.


Zen Wistalia Clarines and Shirayuki.

Season 1, episode 10

Shirayuki has been locked up.

After she is rescued, Zen Wistalia Clarines immediately takes off to check on her.

When he sees that Shirayuki is alive and well and she gives him a smile, Zen Wistalia Clarines can’t hold back anymore and gives her a kiss.

Season 1, episode 11

After Shirayuki returns the feelings of Zen Wistalia Clarines.

Season 2, episode 8

Shirayuki falls asleep on Zen Wistalia Clarine’s shoulder.

He carries her to bed and kisses her.

Season 2, episode 12

Shirayuki returns Zen Wistalia Clarine’s feelings once again and tells him that she wants to stay by his side forever.


Zen Wistalia Clarines and Shirayuki.

Season 1, episode 11


Zen Wistalia Clarines and Shirayuki.

Because Zen Wistalia Clarines makes a kind of marriage proposal to Shirayuki.
(They promise each other for the future).

Season 2, episode 12





Romantic happy ending

Zen Wistalia Clarines and Shirayuki once again return their feelings and promise each other for the future.

My opinion


‘Akagami no Shirayuki-hime’ is a fairy tale anime as you know it from the good old Disney fairy tale movies like Little Red Riding Hood or Cinderella.
Romance and wholsome moments abound in the anime and are beautifully presented as well.
I have nothing to complain about and also find the drama parts very well done.

So with this anime you can really just lay back and enjoy.


The animation is pretty.

Most of the time the style is rather standard, but sometimes it can be really charming, and the fairy tale style is brought across really well.


Zen Wistalia Clarines and Shirayuki:

Both are actually quite similar.

Their interactions with each other are mature and endearing.

They take care of each other, be it when Shirayuki needs to be rescued from danger by him or Zen Wistalia Clarines need to be treated by her when injured.

Misunderstandings are cleared up immediately and there is no secrecy.
Shirayuki and Zen Wistalia Clarines are open and honest with each other and always speak straightforwardly without beating around the bush unnecessarily.

They also always find the right words without wanting to hurt the their counterpart or be too pushy.

So for me, they have become one of my favorite anime couples.
I love the development they go through in the anime and how well they just fit together.
In every episode you notice how they get closer and closer to each other.


‘Akagami no Shirayuki-hime’ concludes with a romantic happy ending and left me quite satisfied.

In the manga the story continues, but takes a not so great turn with the romance of Kiki Seiran and Mitsuhide Rouen, which is why I don’t know yet if I can look forward to another season.

(For more information ➜ Love confession ➜ Manga-Spoiler)

Also the fact that Zen Wistalia Clarines and Shirayuki, in the manga, have to live far away from each other for a longer time (2 years) and instead only Obi is with Shirayuki all the time and they may get closer, doesn’t sound that great to me.

Episode Rating:

I liked season 1, episode 11 and season 2, episode 12 the best.

Otherwise, all other episodes were quite ok, the romance varies sometimes more sometimes less.
Whereas from season 2, episode 3-7 not much of romance is to be expected.

Excellent development of the relationship with each other
(Zen Wistalia Clarines and Shirayuki)
Little unnecessary love triangle moments
(Obi with Shirayuki)
Many sweet and heartwarming momentsKiki Seiran’s coldness towards Mitsuhide Rouen is annoying
Love confession(Manga Romance Development)
(Mitsuhide Rouen and Kiki Seiran)
Romantic happy ending
(Implied marriage proposal)
Excellent development of the relationship with each other
(Zen Wistalia Clarines and Shirayuki)
Many sweet and heartwarming moments
Love confession
Romantic happy ending
(Implied marriage proposal)
Little unnecessary love triangle moments
(Obi with Shirayuki)
Kiki Seiran’s coldness towards Mitsuhide Rouen is annoying
(Manga Romance Development)
(Mitsuhide Rouen and Kiki Seiran)
Romance rating:

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