Danna ga Nani o Itte Iru ka Wakaranai Ken

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🇯🇵 Danna ga Nani o Itte Iru ka Wakaranai Ken

🇬🇧 I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

Adaption from: Manga

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TitleEpisodesRelease dateRelease season
Season 1Danna ga Nani o Itte Iru ka Wakaranai Ken1303. October 2014 ‑ 26. December 2014Fall 2014
Season 2Danna ga Nani o Itte Iru ka Wakaranai Ken 2 Sureme1303. April 2015 ‑ 26. June 2015Spring 2015
Season 3No information yet


General facts

Hajime Tsunashi

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Kaoru Tsunashi

The first scene of ‘Danna ga Nani o Itte Iru ka Wakaranai Ken’ immediately shows the wedding of Hajime Tsunashi and Kaoru Tsunashi.

Each episode shows the everyday life of the two, with all the ups and downs of a relationship, and how they overcome everything together.
And even though they are very different, they love each other very much and care for each other.

Kaoru Tsunashi had said in her past that she wanted to stay single forever, but when she met Hajime Tsunashi that changed.

Rino Juse

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Nozomu Juse

Rino Juse and Nozumu Juse are already married from the beginning.

However, the way they interact with each other is a bit unusual.
Rino Juse is a grown woman, but looks and acts quite childlike, especially when she is with her husband.
This is also how she wants to be treated by Nozomu Juse.
And that’s exactly what he does, and he has no problem with it.

They also get their own episode that shows how they met and became a couple.

Season 2, episode 6


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Tanaka and Yamada are already married from the beginning.

They are rather less present in the anime, but also often show how much in love they are with each other

Mayotama Tsunashi

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Well, that’s a bit complicated.

Mayotama Tsunashi is Hajime Tsunashi’s little brother and a trap.
He has a really weird brother complex.
He loves his brother a lot… he loves him so much that he makes sexual innuendos towards Hajime Tsunashi.
And, he even created some erotic Boy’s Love doujinshi with him and his brother. 😦

Since Mayotama Tsunashi behaves and dresses quite feminine, many think that he is a girl, which leads to misunderstandings.
Thus, for example, when Miki invited Mayotama Tsunashi at home, and was shocked when Mayotama Tsunashi stripped naked and Miki saw something dangling.

Season 1, episode 4

Now about Miki.

Miki confuses me a lot because of the gender.
Is Miki a woman or a man?
Initially, I thought Miki was a man because of Miki’s appearance and because the translations and internet comments everywhere referred to Miki as HE.
But some internet comments also referred to Miki as SHE.
So I rewatched some scenes.

Mayotama Tsunashi imagines him and Miki naked, with Mayotama Tsunashi hiding his chest but Miki does not.
Miki also looks like a man here, but one should not forget that the imagination originates from Mayotama Tsunashi (that is into man).
Besides that, he also has not seen Miki naked.
Maybe Mayotama Tsunashi himself doesn’t know that Miki is a woman after all.

Season 2, episode 3 (min 02.00)

When talking about the sharing of rooms in an Onsen, Mayotama Tsunashi mentions that he isn’t ready to sleep together in one room.
On wich Miki then explicitly clarifies that women and men sleep separately.

Season 2, episode 5 (min 00.35)

Afterwards there are scenes where the men and women are separated in the Onsen and in the rooms.
Mayotama Tsunashi is always seen with the men, but Miki is nowhere to be seen, only once on a bridge where Miki briefly talks to Kaoru Tsunashi.
So was Miki with the women all the time?
Is Miki a woman after all?

(So, from now on, I’ll assume that Miki is a woman who looks like a man, and likes women.
And Mayotama Tsunashi, who is a man, pretends to be a woman, and likes men.)

When Mayotama Tsunashi and Miki first met, Mayotama Tsunashi had introduced himself as Hajime Tsunashi’s little sister.
And Miki thought she had a crush on Mayotama Tsunashi.
Until one episode later when she roared at Hajime Tsunashi that she found out Mayotama Tsunashi is a boy because she saw Mayotama Tsunashi’s “Palm tree with coconuts”.

After that Miki is rather disgusted by Mayotama Tsunashi.
But Mayotama Tsunashi keeps trying to get closer to Miki.

Would Mayotama Tsunashi also be disgusted if he knew Miki was a woman?
This relationship is very confusing to me, but I will leave it like this for now.


There is not much difference between Hajime Tsunashi and Kaoru Tsunashi.
Hajime Tsunashi is only two years younger than Kaoru Tsunashi.

However, there is an age difference between Mayotama Tsunashi and Miki.
Miki is 30 years old and Mayotama Tsunashi is around 17-21 years old. So an age difference of 9-13 years.

But this age gap is rather unimportant for now, so I wont count it.



There is (offscreen) sex and sexual innuendo, but it is kept rather weak.

Romance facts


Yes, Minitriangle – Very weak and short

There is a flashback where Hajime Tsunashi and Kaoru Tsunashi were not yet a couple.
In which it is told that Hajime Tsunashi and Kaoru Tsunashi worked together with another girl.

Kaoru Tsunashi’s perspective:

This girl had fallen in love with Hajime Tsunashi, but she gave up when she realized that Hajime Tsunashi was in love with Kaoru Tsunashi.
However, Kaoru Tsunashi is a little unsettled because she doesn’t know if maybe Hajime Tsunashi liked the girl and Kaoru Tsunashi at the same time.
Because Hajime Tsunashi had asked the girl if she had any feelings for him as a joke, but of course she rejected him.
This made Hajime Tsunashi cry, which annoyed Kaoru Tsunashi.
That’s when Kaoru Tsunashi realized that she had feelings for Hajime Tsunashi.

Hajime Tsunashi’s perspective:

He was not in love with the girl, but had idealized her.
It was as if he fell for a 2D character, and he didn’t get any feelings back from the 2D character.
When he was rejected, he was reminded that the girl was not a 2D character but real.
This made him understand that his feelings were stupid, and that was the actual reason why he cried.
This was also the time when his feelings for Kaoru Tsunashi changed.

Season 2, episode 10


Hajime Tsunashi und Kaoru Tsunashi drücken oft aus, wie sehr sie sich lieben.

Season 1, episode 5:

Kaoru Tsunashi to Hajime Tsunashi when she is drunk and gives him a tight hug.

Season 1, episode 9:

A Flashback which shows Kaoru Tsunashi and Hajime Tsunashi getting to know each other, going on a date, and then a simple and concise love confession from Hajime Tsunashi to Kaoru Tsunashi.
Not too romantic, but better than nothing.

Season 1, episode 11:

Kaoru Tsunashi dreams about her depressing past.
When she wakes up, she cheers herself up with a cheerful memory of a date with Hajime Tsunashi.
In this memory, both of them once again express their strong feelings for each other.

Nozomu Juse makes a rather passive love confession to Rino Juse, and she agrees.

Season 2, episode 6


Right at the beginning, the wedding of Hajime Tsunashi and Kaoru Tsunashi is shown, where we can already see a first kiss between them.

Season 1, episode 1

Kaoru Tsunashi is drunk, gives Hajime Tsunashi a tight hug and gives him a hearty smooch.

Season 1, episode 5

Hajime Tsunashi gives Kaoru Tsunashi a romantic kiss in the rain.

Season 2, episode 2


All couples are already together from the beginning.
(For more information ➜ Couple/s).


All the couples who are together stay together.
(For more information ➜ Will the couple get together?)





Happy End

Hajime Tsunashi and Kaoru Tsunashi are having a baby, and all their friends gather to choose a name.

My opinion


‘Danna ga Nani o Itte Iru ka Wakaranai Ken’ is about Hajime Tsunashi and Kaoru Tsunashi, and how they live their romantic relationship together as a married couple.
Thus, there is a lot of their normal everyday life to see, which is very romantic and heartwarming.
Whereas the anime is rather more heartwarming, and the romance is often kept short and concise, and also very adult.

Since this is a short anime, the pacing tends to be quite fast, which can have small negative effects at some moments.
In addition, this can also lead to confusion as one scene quickly switches to the next, and you do not understand what is happening or in what time the anime is currently located.
For example, the change from memory scenes in the past to the present.

However, since an episode is only 3 min long, it’s not a big deal to rewatch it a second time.


The animation is nothing special and is kept rather simple.


Hajime Tsunashi and Kaoru Tsunashi:

They have quite a big difference in their personalities.
Hajime Tsunashi is a big anime otaku with few friends (or olinen friends) and works from home on the PC.
Kaoru Tsunashi, on the other hand, is more of a normal young woman who goes out with her female friends, and is a businesswoman who works in the office with other colleagues.

While Hajime Tsunashi is very good at cooking, Kaoru Tsunashi is not really good at it, but is eager to learn it.
In return, Kaoru Tsunashi can get very drunk, and then lovingly and completely uninhibited in her desire, attack Hajime Tsunashi.
Kaoru Tsunashi also smokes a lot, but has to stop because she is very exhausted by work.

… she is pregnant.

Season 1, episode 13

And despite this difference, they fell in love with each other.


‘Danna ga Nani o Itte Iru ka Wakaranai Ken’ ends with a happy ending.
At the end there is a very lovely final ending.

However, I have read that it may continue at some point, which I would be very happy about.

Episode Rating:

The episode were all pretty sweet and heartwarming.
Some more and some less, but unfortunately a bit too short.

Nevertheless, if you need something lighthearted for in between, ‘Danna ga Nani o Itte Iru ka Wakaranai Ken’ is just what you need.

A lot of sweet and heartwarming momentsToo short and fast
Meetings and datesSometimes a bit confusing
Love confessions (in flashbacks)Mayotama Tsunashi is a very strange/annoying character
Happy ending (pregnancy)
Romance rating:
A lot of sweet and heartwarming moments
Meetings and dates
Love confessions (in flashbacks)
Happy ending (pregnancy)
Too short and fast
Sometimes a bit confusing
Mayotama Tsunashi is a very strange/annoying character
Romance rating:

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