Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun

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🇯🇵 Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun

🇬🇧 Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun

Adaption from: Manga

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TitelEpisodesRelease dateRelease season
Season 1Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun1203. Juli 2017 ‑ 18. September 2017Summer 2017
Season 2No information yet


General facts

Moka Gotou

⇒⇒ 💖 ??





Moka Gotou and Aoyama know each other since their elementary school days.
And here she started to become Aoyama’s biggest fan, always watching him from afar.
At some point, Moka Gotou approached him.
He had difficulty petting a cat so Moka Gotou simply made him a cat doll, but she was never able to give it to him.
Aoyama then becomes a soccer star.

Later then, they meet again, in high school.
They have not seen each other for a long time.
Moka Gotou thinks that he may have forgotten her because, in a way, he lives in a different world than she does.

But of course, that doesn’t stop her.
She continues to watch him from afar (sometimes pretty stalkerish) and tries to support him in an unobtrusive way.
She cleans the changing room of the soccer club and puts one of her homemade cat dolls in Aoyama’s locker every time.
However, at some point Aoyama catches her doing this, which causes Moka Gotou to panic.
But he reassures her and tells her that he can remember her.

She ends up becoming the manager of the soccer club, which gives her the opportunity to be closer to Aoyama and to support him better
There she can also protect him pretty well.
In case someone wants to do something bad to him, she comes with her homemade nail baseball bat 😅

Furthermore, she wants to keep her feelings for Aoyama a secret, but doesn’t realize that everyone can see her T-shirt with the inscription ‘My life for Aoyama’.

Season 1, episode 2

How the feelings of Aoyama are, it’s hard to say.
The only comment we get from him is at the beginning of this episode, where he mentions that he’s not interested in being loved by someone.
In the course of the anime, however, you realize that he himself has no clue about love and romance.
He is not abele to notice or recognize and determine the feelings of the beloved person.
(See episode 10 when he tries to give tips to Seigo Ibuki.)

Apparently, Moka Gotous is being portrayed a little better in the manga.

The anime makes her appear like a creep and a stalker.
In addition, a lot of good moments from the manga, have been cut out.

Gaku Ishikawa

⇒⇒ 💖 ⇐⇐


Yuri Tamura

Gaku Ishikawa and Yuri Tamura have been together since the beginning and you can see them we otften see them whispering sweet nothings with each other in the anime.

Mhh, but unfortunately I have to say that I find this relationship a little weird.
Yuri Tamura is namely a big fan of Aoyama, and even puts Aoyama above her boyfriend Gaku Ishikawa.

  • Not only is she part of Aoyama’s fan club, and constantly cheers him on (instead of her boyfriend Gaku Ishikawa), no, eventually Gaku Ishikawa also becomes (involuntarily?) a member of Aoyama’s fan club. (Episode 5)
  • Moreover, Aoyama is always in the number one topic whenever Yuri Tamura and Gaku Ishikawa spend time together. (Episode 6)
  • At a certain point in the anime, there is also a rumor that Aoyama has a girlfriend, which totally depresses Yuri Tamura and hints to Gaku Ishikawa that it might be over between them. (Episode 7)
  • And in another scene, when Gaku Ishikawa injures himself, Yuri Tamura doesn’t even pay attention to him, and she continues to cheer for Aoyama. (Episode 9)

Well, I understand that it was all made up for comedy purposes, but that was just a bit too cringey for my taste.

Kozue Kurata

⇒⇒ 💖 ?⇐



Seigo Ibuki

I’m going to be honest about their relationship.
I actually can’ t tell if they are a couple or not, but since they are pretty close to each other, I assume that they are indeed a couple.

You can clearly notice that Kozue Kurata is definitely in love with Seigo Ibuki, but it doesn’t come across as him having romantic feelings for her.
While she tries her best to cook for him, help and support him, he takes it for granted and seems rather unconcerned.
He is not aware of everything she does for him, and even less does he not understand why she does it for him.
He just has no clue about her feelings.

Of course, she then gets upset about it.
So he wants to reconcile with her, but on what level?
Is it romantic or more like between friends?
Every time he tries, he screws up because he simply doesn’t understand what he’s doing wrong.

Then, when you finally think, ‘yes, he understood!’ …. Bam, nope, his cluelessness ruins exactly the one romantic moment you’ve been waiting for all along.

(This was somehow very annoying, if you ask me.)

Season 1, episode 10

Youji Orihara

⇒⇒ 💖



They are only shown briefly in the anime and just for a single purpose.
They hatch a plan to keep Aoyama prisoner so that his soccer team loses the game.

When the soccer game is about to start, Kana gets Aoyama to come with her to the team changing room to help her out for a bit.
Once there, Kana locks herself in the team changing room with Aoyama to hold him there until the match is over.
Until then, her boyfriend Youji Orihara and his soccer team can beat Aoyama’s soccer team.

To prevent him from escaping, Kana takes off her top completely and stands in front of him wearing only a bra.
She attempts a false accusation of rape.
She threatens him that she will scream if he tries to escape.
Fortunately, Moka Gotou appears and saves him.

After the plan failed, Kana later even becomes Aoyama’s fangirl.

Season 1, episode 3




Fanservice – Weak

Atempt of a false rape accusation (For more information ➜ Side couple 3)

Mio Odagiri’s shirt button rips open during arm wrestling, and all classmates can see Mio Odagiri’s cleavage and bra.

Girl at the sea with bathing suit, and later again with a towel at the onsen.

Romance facts

No, I wouldn’t call it a harem, more like female admirers/fangirls.

Moka Gotou
Mio Odagiri
Yuri Tamura
Sayaka Ariga

Sayaka Ariga is not seen that often in the anime and is “annoyed” by Aoyama.
But I think that in reality she is a secret admirer of Aoyama and maybe she even has a crush on him.
Namely, she is a tsundere.

When Aoyama suddenly asks Sayaka Ariga if they can shake hands, she is extremely surprised and blushes.
Then comes from her the for typical Tsundere grumpy “If you insist then I’ll do it”.
When shaking hands, she then immediately follows up with a “stop bullshitting me” and she lets go.

Season 1, episode 7


Mio Odagiri

♥ ⇒⇒⇒


Mio Odagiri is a helpless girl, but still very popular among her classmates.
In the beginning, she just wants to be taught by Aoyama how to shoot baskets better in basketball and therefore calls him “master”.

In the course of this episode, Mio Odagiri touches him, but curiously, Aoyama does not avoid her.
So his mysophobia (pathological fear of contamination and germs) doesn’t trigger any alarm with her for him.
Because of this, he is able to try some things with her that he would not otherwise be able to do with other people.

Thus, he arm wrestles with her, would like to eat food homemade by Mio Odagiri (which he cannot eat because he is interrupted by other classmates), and he even gives her a high-five.

For Aoyama, all this was just to try things out, and Mio Odagiri didn’t think much of it either…. at first.
Because when she is asked if they are a couple, she denies it, but blushes slightly.

Season 1, episode 7

One episode later then, it becomes much clearer.

Aoyama, Moka Gotou and Tsubasa Umeya go to the zoo together.
There they meet Mio Odagiri.
Mio Odagiri greets Aoyama, but when she remembers the high-five she blushes and takes a step back.
Furthermore, there is a scene with arrows showing that she has her eyes on Aoyama, which indicates that Mio Odagiri actually has a crush on him.

I’ve read that Mio Odagiri’s personality seems to be very different in the manga.

Some find her to be narcissistic.
She only thinks about herself and doesn’t care about Aoyama and his mysophobia.
And she tries to constantly/forcefully want to kiss him and get his attention.

(For more information ➜ Will the couple get together?)

Tsubasa Umeya

♥ ⇒⇒⇒

Moka Gotou

It was love at first sight for Tsubasa Umeya.
He is the best member of his judo club, but when he walked past Moka Gotou, he instantly fell in love with her and dropped everything.
Thereupon, he quits the judo club and joins Aoyama’s soccer club, just so he can be by her side and always keep an eye on her.
However, this will most likely backfire for the poor guy, because Moka Gotou, of course, only has eyes for Aoyama.

But Tsubasa Umeya is rather relaxed about it, or to be more precise, he even wants to help her with Aoyama, because he wants to protect her feelings.
Furthermore, he explains that it may be possible at some point that it ends with Aoyama and her, since not every couple is predestined to marry.
So he just waits until the time comes.

It would also just be enough for him if he gets buried next to her.
Now that’s what I call a veeery patient and determined man, waiting in the friend zone. 😆

Season 1, episode 8

Well, nothing that can really be taken seriously.

There is a love confession from one of Aoyama’s many fangirls to him, but he instantly rejects it.
Immediately followed by an online love confession from a member of Aoyama’s RPG group, from which he also quickly flees.

Season 1, episode 4

A member of Aoyama’s soccer team, Kazuma Sakai, receives three love confessions from three different girls at the same time.
But he rejects them all…. or does he?
He says that he can’t belong to just one, namely he belongs to all.

Season 1, episode 11


There is a small lovely expression from Moka Gotou to Aoyama.

When Moka Gotou and Aoyama sit together in a boat during a visit at the zoo, she musters up the courage to tell him that she enjoyed the day she spent with him.

Season 1, episode 8




In the ‘Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun’ manga, Aoyama is engaged to Moka Gotou.
It is shown that they are both wearing their engagement rings.
So, he tries his best to keep her by his side despite his strong phobia.

Last chapter, 112

In the previous chapter, Aoyama rejected Moka Gotou.
The reason he initially rejected Moka Gotou was because he felt bad for the fact that she would never be able to touch him.

Mio Odagiri confessed her affection to Aoyama, but he rejected her, as he devoted himself to Moka Gotou instead.

Chapter 106-107

In the last chapter, she has moved on to a new relationship, but she still has a soft spot for Aoyama.


There is just a little comedy NTR and should not be taken too seriously.

Yuri Tamura is a huge fan of Aoyama, and places Aoyama higher than her boyfriend Gaku Ishikawa.

(For more information ➜ Side couple 1)

Yes – Weak

Mio Odagiri calls Aoyama “master” and is able to touch him without his germ phobia triggering an alarm in him.
Thus, he lets Mio Odagiri touch him several times.

As a result, rumors start at school that they are a couple.
This stresses Moka Gotou and she goes into panic mode.

So, since he has no problem with Mio Odagiri’s touches, he tries out some things with her that he can’t do with others, especially not with Moka Gotou.
For example, he arm wrestles Mio Odagiri or gives her a high-five.

At the end of the episode, Moka Gotou realizes that Aoyama just wanted to try things he couldn’t before, and she thinks it’s totally cute.
Also, the rumors that Aoyama and Mio Odagiri are a couple disappear.

Season 1, episode 7


Even though it is all presented in a very comedic way, in the end you notice that there’s a bit of seriousness behind it, and that Mio Odagiri seems to have a thing for Aoyama after all.
Because one episode later, it becomes much clearer.

Aoyama, Moka Gotou and Tsubasa Umeya go to the zoo together.
There they meet Mio Odagiri.
Mio Odagiri greets Aoyama, but when she remembers the high-five, she blushes and quickly takes a step back.
When Moka Gotou sees the two, it depresses her.
Next, Aoyama and Mio Odagiri walk side by side and she accidentally bumps into Aoyama’s shoulder, making her blush even more.
Moka Gotou then becomes jealous of her because Mio Odagiri can touch him and has “better” feminine qualities than her.



Normal end

A team member from Aoyama’s soccer team, Kazuma Sakai, is mourning at a grave.
As a result, it is assumed that it is Kaoru Zaizen’s mother.
Later, of course, it turns out that the mother is not dead, has been volunteering to help poor countries abroad for a very long time.

Furthermore, Aoyama is recruited for a better soccer team.
However, Aoyama turns down the offer and stays with his current team.

In terms of romance, there’s nothing at the end, but there will be more to read about that in the manga.

(For more information ➜ Will the couple get together?)

My opinion


‘Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun’ is a mix of soccer and comedic slice of life anime.
I liked the comedy for the most part, but at some points it was quite weird and/or misplaced, which ruined some scenes.
There are only a few cute romance moments, but nothing really overwhelming, they are rather mediocre.

Actually, ‘Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun’ often does exactly the same thing that typical RomCom anime do, namely interrupt important romance or wholesome moments with stupid gags, which destroy the atmosphere.


There is nothing wrong with the animation.


Aoyama and Moka Gotou:

Aoyama is a top soccer player and therefore attracts many female fans.

Due to his emotionless and partially mysterious nature too, he sometimes seems very indifferent towards other people, but shows through his actions that he indeed cares about his fellow human beings.

The main characteristic of him is his strong mysophobia (pathological fear of contamination and germs).
He does everything he can to avoid getting dirty and thoroughly cleans everything he touches, even if it’s already clean.
Aoyama can’t touch people, and if they try to touch him, he skillfully avoids them.

In addition, he is very good in school, a great cook and also a top player in video games.
However, when it comes to love, Aoyama understands nothing and would rather have nothing to do with it.

Moka Gotou has been Aoyama’s number one fan since elementary school and has had his eye on him ever since.
(Sometimes too much, so that it borders weirdly on stalking.)

Although she is a rather shy girl, she quickly changes her behavior and becomes very protective as soon as Aoyama is in danger.
She respects Aoyama’s mysophobia and supports him wherever she can.

Moreover, she is also a very helpful person and provides great help as the manager of Aoyama’s soccer team.

Moka Gotou can play soccer pretty good (and also gets praise from Aoyama, which makes her blush).

Season 1, episode 9


‘Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun’ ends with a normal ending.
Nothing extraordinary happens and is rather predictable.
Still, I’m looking forward to a second season, hoping for more romance.

Episode Rating:

I liked episode 2 the best.

It’s more about Aoyama and Moka Gotou, how they met, how they got back together, and how they can continue to stay together through the soccer club.

I found episodes 10 and 12 the worst.

It’s about the ending of the two episodes, or rather, how the story about Kozue Kurata and Seigo Ibuki,  and the story about Kazuma Sakai and his mother ends.

As I already mentioned above in Moments, important Romance or Wholsome moments are interrupted here by dumb gags, which simply destroy the atmosphere.

Season 1, episode 10:

Kozue Kurata tries her best to help and support Seigo Ibuki, but he doesn’t appreciate it and even less he doesn’t understand why she does it for him.

When she cooked something for him, he told her that her cooking sucks, whereupon Kozue Kurata obviously got mad at him.
Seigo Ibuki tries to reconcile with her afterwards, but he does not succeed.
At the end, he then eats her bento, which makes Kozue Kurata happy, since he likes her food after all.
And right away Seigo Ibuki destroys this moment, with his dumb remark “When you’re hungry, everything tastes good”.

Soo… Instead of creating a moment of realization for Seigo Ibuki here, his cluelessness continues to be used to make the viewers “laugh”.
This completely ruined the romantic atmosphere you were waiting for the whole episode.

Which really annoyed me and made me wonder:
How can you be dating someone like that?

Season 1, episode 12:

This episode has nothing to do with romance, but about a heartless mother.

When Kazuma Sakai was still a child, his mother suddenly disappeared from one day to the next without saying goodbye to him.
Initially, she was only supposed to volunteer to help poor countries abroad for a short time.
But this turned into 5 years, without visiting or contacting her family even once!
That’s already damn heavy, but it gets worse.

Then, after 5 years, she finally shows up and watches her son play soccer.
Afterwards there is a heartwarming moment for the two of them.
Haha nope. You guessed wrong.
She was only there briefly to hug her son, but is taken by helicopter immediately afterwards to leave for Brasielen and continue working there.

Just imagine you are still a child, your mother abruptly disappears and you don’t see or hear anything from your mother for 5 long years.
Then she finally shows up again, only to take off again a few minutes later, and who knows how long she will be absent again.
Oh my God, and this is being sold here as comedy.

So, I didn’t laugh at this gag, I found it rather macabre and wondered again:
What’s the point of raising a family if you don’t take care of them?

Funny momentsFanservice
A few sweet and heartwarming momentsLove triangle
Zoo “Date” (with several characters)Comedy NTR
Dumb gags ruin some moments
(For more information ➜ Episode Rating)
Romance rating:
Funny moments
A few sweet and heartwarming moments
Zoo “Date” (with several characters)
Love triangle
Comedy NTR
Dumb gags ruin some moments
(For more information ➜ Episode Rating)
Romance rating:

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