Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi o Suru

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🇯🇵 Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi o Suru

🇬🇧 My Dress-Up Darling

Adaption from: Manga

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TitleEpisodesRelease dateRelease season
Season 1Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi o Suru1209. January 2022 ‑ 27. March 2022Winter 2022
Season 2Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (Zoku-hen)Coming Soon


General facts

Marin Kitagawa

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Wakana Gojo

Wakana Gojo and Marin Kitagawa go to the same class together.

Wakana Gojo is the typical quiet loner who sits in the back of the classroom and watches his classmates.
And Marin Kitagawa is the popular girl in the class.

In the beginning, the two have a few situations together that arise from small coincidences, and they converse, but nothing really significant.

Afterwards, however, Wakana Gojo is in the utility room sewing something for his hobby (doll creation).
Marin Kitagawa catches him in the process, and is thrilled.

Wakana Gojo tells her that his hobby is doll creation.
In response, Marin Kitagawa asks him to turn around for a moment and not to look.
She immediately starts to change her clothes to show him her costume.
And since he is skilled in sewing dresses, she would now like to hear his opinion about her self-made costume.

Due to the fact that Wakana Gojo is very passionate about his hobby, he inspects her costume very carefully, showing no mercy and complaining very strictly about it.
While he is very immersed in complaining about the costume, at some point he realizes that he is slowly making Marin Kitagawa cry.
Panicked, he immediately apologizes.

After he apologizes, Marin Kitagawa tells him that she wants to become a cosplayer and talks to him very openly and honestly about her passion for this hobby.

But now that Marin Kitagawa knows she can’t do her costumes very well herself, she implores Wakana Gojo to help her sew a good cosplay costume for her.
Although he has no idea about cosplay, he shows understanding and he agrees to help her with it.

Thus, it goes in the direction through which they will indeed get closer and have many meetings together.

As the anime then progresses, Marin Kitagawa eventually realizes that she has fallen in love with Wakana Gojo.
With Wakana Gojo, it is actually also very obvious that he has feelings for her.
However, I think he is holding back.

1. Wakana Gojo is after all a loner who is insecure.
He does not dare to approach people and make friends with them.

2. Therefore, he has also never had a crush on a girl, so he has no experience with love and romance, which is why he is clueless about it.

Of course, all this is very difficult for him at first, especially since it involves a popular girl like Marin Kitagawa.
That is why he behaves very naively with her.
Although Wakana Gojo gets very nervous when he is close to Marin Kitagawa, he doesn’t believe that it could develop into a friendship or even into a romantic direction with her.

He probably thinks something like:

  • Marin Kitagawa is the Popular Girl.
  • She can quickly make friends with people, that’s why she surely already has a lot of friends.
  • She is practically the opposite of him.
  • She is good looking and can have any man she wants.
  • Wakana Gojo is out of her league.

Therefore, he does not believe that anything could happen.

He is even very worried that if they are seen together, rumors will spread that they are a couple.

Season 1, Episode 3

However, Wakana Gojo does of course have moments where you can clearly see his feelings for her, especially towards the end of the anime.




Fanservice – Weak to Medium

At the beginning it is rather harmless.

But from episode to episode you notice that it is getting stronger and even includes adult content.

There is a lot of skin shown in just about every episode, mostly of Marin Kitagawa.
There are also plenty of close-ups of her butt or her jiggling breasts.
(In this case: big applause for this excellent animation work, hehe.)

Anyway, there are scenes where I was a little shocked.
One of them I felt rather negative and one was positive.

Sajuna Inui is standing outside the shop/house of Wakana Gojo and his grandpa.
It is raining and she is completely soaked.

His grandpa lets her in so she can warm up and freshen up.
She does so and takes a warm shower.

When Wakana Gojo comes home, he thinks that his grandfather has let in an impostor and rushes into the bathroom.
He sees Sajuna Inui naked and mistakes her for a child.

Sajuna Inui then gets shocked and falls on the floor, causing Wakana Gojo to look right at her private parts.

Season 1, episode 6

Wakana Gojo and Marin Kitagawa want to do a photo shoot.

Marin Kitagawa rents a studio that suits her cosplay costume.
She doesn’t realize that she has actually just booked a room at the Love Hotel.

I don’t want to give too much away because it’s a very interesting scene, so I’ll keep it short.

At the photo shoot Marin Kitagawa takes different poses.

In the last pose, Wakana Gojo comes up with an idea where both of them actually get very close to each other, but since both of them are very passionate about taking photos, they don’t notice it.

Then one coincidence after another happens and they get really veeery close 😳

Season 1, episode 11

Romance facts

Yes – Harem-Style (For Now)

Sajuna Inui
Shinju Inui

Well, the way Sajuna Inui was introduced in the anime was very strange.
(For more information ➜ Fanservice ➜ Negativ)

Sajuna Inui is the same age as Wakana Gojo, but looks like a child.

She is very grumpy and harsh towards Wakana Gojo at first.
Understandable, after such a first introduction.

However, they start to get to know each other and after some time Sajuna Inui realizes that Wakana Gojo is not such a bad guy after all, but still keeps her distance from him.

At a later point, Wakana Gojo then takes her hand because he is so touched by her kind words, and he tearfully thanks her.
Whereupon she faints.

Since Sajuna Inui goes to a girls’ school, this was her first time being touched by a boy, which totally shocked her.

After that, you can see that Sajuna Inui has a little crush on Wakana Gojo.
Whether this will lead to a love triangle later on, we’ll have to wait and see.

Shinju Inui is the little sister of Sajuna Inui.

Wakana Gojo helps Shinju Inui with her cosplay costume so that she can surprise her big sister.
For this they meet alone in secret, so that her big sister doesn’t suspect anything.

However, the two have a very friendly relationship with each other, so that a love triangle can be excluded.

Wakana Gojo hired Akira to help him with the decoration of the costumes.

Then, when she was with him, Akira tells him the story of how she got into this hobby.

In response, Wakana Gojo is surprised and tells her that he can understand her very well, because he had a similar situation.

Chapter 78

It is speculated that Akira may have developed feelings for Wakana Gojo as a result.
So we’ll have to wait and see if that leads to a love triangle later on.

Nobara was the childhood friend of Wakana Gojo.

At the very beginning of the anime, she is the one who traumatized Wakana Gojo in his childhood.
Nobara yelled at him because dolls were girl stuff, and she found it weird that he was fascinated by them.
She tells him that she hates him and runs away, which ended the friendship and they never met again.

However, I think the chances are very high that Nobara will appear sometime later and interfere in Wakana Gojo and Marin Kitagawa’s relationship.

And so whether that then leads to strong drama and a love triangle, we’ll also have to wait and see.


At least not yet.
(For more information ➜ Harem)


Wakana Gojo and Marin Kitagawa

Phone call

The two have rented a room to take photos of Marin Kitagawa in cosplay.
As the two get closer, the reception suddenly calls to ask if the two want to book an extension for the room.

Season 1, episode 11

There are also two inidrect kisses, which Wakana Gojo nervously rejects.

Season 1, episode 3 and 8

Yes.. but No

1. There is a short moment where Marin Kitagawa lets herself have some fun with Wakana Gojo.

Wakana Gojo avoids Marin Kitagawa all day at school because he worries that rumors will spread that they are a couple if they are seen together.

When Marin Kitagawa finally catches him, Wakana Gojo voices his concerns.

When Marin Kitagawa finally catches him, Wakana Gojo voices his concerns.
She grins mischievously, and says jokingly, “Well then, let’s go out”.

This shocks Wakana Gojo and makes him completely nervous.
Marin Kitagawa laughs and tells him that she is just kidding.

She then grabs him by the arm and pulls him along, and they go shopping together.

Season 1, episode 3

2. Marin Kitagawa makes a love confession to Wakana Gojo…… while he is sleeping.

After watching a horror movie late at night, Marin Kitagawa calls Wakana Gojo.
She wanted to hear his voice because the movie scared her and she couldn’t fall asleep.
So they both lie down in their beds with the phone on speaker and talk for a while.

Wakana Gojo gets very tired, but still tries to answer Marin Kitagawa.
Marin Kitagawa realizes that Wakana Gojo is about to fall asleep, but continues talking to him anyway.

When Marin Kitagawa notices that Wakana Gojo is sleeping soundly, she makes a love confession to him.
She wishes him a good night and hangs up.

Season 1, episode 12



(Not yet, but very likely much later.)


No, I wouldn’t say that.

Wakana Gojo spends a little time with Shinju Inui as he helps her make her cosplay costume, but it all remains very amicable.

Season 1, episode 9

(Marin Kitagawa, however, was in fact starting to get a little jealous when she found out about it.)



Happy ending (With a romantic touch)

For more information ➜ Love confession➜ Point 2

My opinion


‘Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi o Suru’ is a romantic comedy in which two people meet who are very passionate about their hobbies.
Wakana Gojo likes to create dolls and Marin Kitagawa is a cosplayer.
However, she is not so good at sewing costumes, which is why Wakana Gojo can help her with that.

There are a lot of romantic moments and very sweet scenes in the anime.
Drama is hardly present.

Especially pleasant are the interactions of the two main characters, Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia.
Even though the two are shy, they still dare to get close to each other and are not afraid of embarrassing situations.
Which in my eyes makes their romance thereby very sweet and heartwarming.


The animation is top.


Marin Kitagawa and Wakana Gojo:

Marin Kitagawa is the Popular Girl in the class.

She is very pretty, nice, friendly, cheerful and open-minded.
She is not shy, on the contrary, even very accommodating and not afraid to approach.

When someone tries to intimidate or fool her, she opens her mouth and speaks her mind.
This becomes clear immediately in the first episode when she tells a guy to get lost because he made fun of her and called her an anime freak.

And with Wakana Gojo, she doesn’t let it slide with him, which is a good thing.
For example, when she sees Wakana Gojo being taken advantage of by his classmates, she addresses him about it.
Or when he avoids Marin Kitagawa so that his classmates don’t think they’re friends or even rumors spread that they’re a couple, she immediately confronts him.

So she acts very mature, but there are also those scenes with Wakana Gojo, where they get closer and she then backs out because she indeed can be shy in those situations.

Like Wakana Gojo, she is also very pasioned by her hobby.

Since Marin Kitagawa initially focused on Wakana Gojo only helping her with the cosplay costume, she acts very confidently and play little teasing games to embarrass him.
Then again, there are moments when SHE gets surprised and embarrassed.
This changes especially when she begins to recognize her own feelings for him.

Oh and besides she is bad at cooking, but is completely convinced of herself that her cooking skills are great 😀

Wakana Gojo is the typical loner.
Since he has no friends at school, he observes his classmates while sitting in his corner at the very back.

The reason why he does not dare to make friends with people is because of his childhood friend Nobara.
When they were kids, she had a fight with him about his hobby, because for her it was a girl’s hobby.

Therefore, he has shut himself out and is shy and insecure towards his classmates.
This is also seen very clearly when Wakana Gojo meets Marin Kitagawa in the beginning.

However, this changes when he realizes that he doesn’t have to be afraid to talk about his hobby with Marin Kitagawa because she thinks the doll is pretty.
This then leads to Marin Kitagawa showing him her cosplay hobby.

But since it turns out that she is not so good at sewing costumes, she asks Wakana Gojo for help with that.
He agrees to help her, and so their relationship begins.

Many encounters follow, which bring the two closer together.
However, Wakana Gojo rather holds back.

First, because Marin Kitagawa is the Popular Girl, and therefore he does not get his hopes up.

Secondly, he is rather shy as soon as it comes to making advances, because he hasn’t much knowledge about romance, since he never came into contact with this topic and he has never considered it happaning to him.
Thus, he is very insecure when he gets very close to Marin Kitagawa.

In the end, however, you can tell that he would like to be closer to Marin Kitagawa.


‘Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi o Suru’ ends with a semi-romantic happy ending that leaves you wanting more.
I’m definitely looking forward to the second season, as we can expect a lot of romance again.

Episode Rating:

I liked most of the episodes very much, with episode 3 and 6 being the best.
The last episode was of course the highlight.

On the other hand, I found episodes 9 rather weak.

Many sweet and heartwarming momentsIncreasing fanservice
Many Meetings and datesIndicated love triangle
Secret love confession
(Marin Kitagawa made it while Wakana Gojo was asleep and he couldn’t hear it)
Courageous interactions between the couple
(Mostly by Marin Kitagawa, Wakana Gojo is more of a coward and needs his time first.)
Happy ending
(With romantic touch)
Romance rating:
Many sweet and heartwarming moments
Many Meetings and dates
Secret love confession
(Marin Kitagawa made it while Wakana Gojo was asleep and he couldn’t hear it)
Courageous interactions between the couple
(Mostly by Marin Kitagawa, Wakana Gojo is more of a coward and needs his time first.)
Happy ending
(With romantic touch)
Increasing fanservice
Indicated love triangle
Romance rating:

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