Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet

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Anime Information


🇯🇵 Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet

🇬🇧 Boarding School Juliet

Adaption from: Manga

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TitleEpisodesRelease dateRelease season
Season 1Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet1206. October 2018 ‑ 22. December 2018Fall 2018
Season 2No information yet


General facts

Romio Inuzuka

⇒⇒ 💖 ⇐⇐


Juliet Persia

Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia both belong to two different groups.
Romio Inuzuka is the leader of the black dogs and Juliet Persia is the leader of the white cats.
They compete with each other since they are little children.

But the truth is that Romio Inuzuka is in love with Juliet Persia and can no longer keep his feelings for her a secret, so he decides to confess his love to Juliet Persia.

Juliet Persia is initially skeptical that their relationship can work, as the animosity between the two groups is very strong.
Yet Romio Inuzuka is convinced that he can end the hostilities just to be by Julia Persia’s side.

Impressed by Romio Inuzuka’s determination, Juliet Persia accepts his love confession.

In order for this to work, however, they must keep their relationship a secret from the groups at first, to avoid serious trouble, and slowly work their way toward the goal of peace for the two groups.

Thus, the two experience many moments together and face many challenges.
Whereby a lot of cute and romantic moments also occur.

Scott Fold

?⇒ 💖 ⇐?




Chartreux Westia

Chartreux Westia and Scott Fold have a very weird relationship.

Scott Fold is simply the preferred person for Chartreux Westia to bully because he has been trying to get together with Juliet Persia for a very long time.

They are not a couple and I don’t think they ever will be.

Chartreux Westia realizes that Scott Fold also has his eye on her, apart from Juliet Persia, which makes her happy.

There are also hints that Chartreux Westia might actually like him romantically, as he realizes that deep down she is lovable, which causes her to blush.
Chartreux Westia is flattered, but that doesn’t stop her from teasing him further.

Even years after they graduated from school, she still uses Scott Fold as her assumed dog.




7 years

Between the penultimate and last chapters.
(Chapter 118 and 119)

(For more information ➜ Will the couple stay together?)


Sexual harassment – Medium

Juliet Persia is seized and held by Chizuru Maru and his friends.

They cut open her blouse so that you can see her bra in full view.

But fortunately, Romio Inuzuka immediately comes rushing to protect her.

Season 1, episode 1

Fanservice – Weak

In almost every episode the underwear of the girls can be seen briefly.

Romance facts

Yes – Harem-Style

Hasuki Komai
Chartreux Westia
Teria Wang
Kochou Wang


Hasuki Komai

♥ ⇒⇒⇒

Romio Inuzuka

Hasuki Komai and Romio Inuzuka are childhood friends.
She fell in love with him when she helped him study.

Hasuki Komai gets very angry with Romio Inuzuka when she finds out that he is dating Juliet Persia.
She feels hurt and doesn’t accept it at first, so she chases after him with her sword.
When Hasuki Komai pulls herself together and begins to comprehend Romio Inuzuka, she cries bitterly.

Season 1, episode 4

Scott Fold

♥ ⇒⇒⇒

Juliet Persia

Scott Fold is very loyal to Juliet Persia and admires her greatly.
To the point that sometimes he even stalks her.

Up to the end of the manga, he still can’t accept that Juliet Persia is together with Romio Inuzuka.

Chartreux Westia

♥ ⇒⇒⇒

Juliet Persia

Chartreux Westia and Juliet Persia are childhood friends.
They spend a lot of time together since childhood, thus Chartreux Westia eventually fell in love with Juliet Persia.

Chartreux Westia is also very obsessed with Juliet Persia, and guards and protects her whenever Chartreux Westia can.

She is also not afraid to ask for Romio Inuzuka for help when it comes to Juliet Persia’s welfare, even though they are rivals.

Teria Wang

♥ ⇒⇒⇒

Romio Inuzuka

Teria Wang likes Romio Inuzuka, but is initially unaware that she has a crush on him.

Teria Wang, though 4 years younger than Romio Inuzuka, is a grade higher than him because she and her twin sister Kochou Wang skipped a few grades.

And Unlike her twin sister, who is louder and rougher, Teria Wang is quieter and more shy.

Later in the manga, Teria Wang finaly realizes that she actually does have feelings for Romio Inuzuka, but she can’t bring herself to admit them.

Chizuru Maru

? ⇒⇒⇒



Julio is none other than Juliet Persia, who disguises herself as a boy.
This way she can sneak in among Romino Inuzuka’s people, and thus spend time with him.

Chizuru Maru can’t stand Juliet Persia because she is part of the other group and enjoys bullying her the most.

However, he is different in the presence of Julio.
He tries to become friends with “him” and even takes great care of “him”.
But sometimes he is a bit clumsy in doing so.

Juliet Persia, on the other hand, hates Chizuru Maru, even more so after he and his friends attacked her.
(For more information ➜ Fanservice)

She is very careful not to blow her cover as Julio in front of Chizuru Maru.


Romio Inuzuka makes a love confession to Juliet Persia while they are fighting each other.

Juliet Persia decides to get together with him, although she is still unsure about her feelings for him.

Season 1, episode 1

Later, there is also another love confession, but this time Juliet Persia confesses her love to Romio Inuzuka.

Season 1, episode 12



Season 1, episode 1


Romio Inuzuka makes a marriage proposal to Juliet Persia, which she of course accepts.

Then there is a time skip of 7 years.

And finally, Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia get married.

Proposal of marriage – Penultimate chapter, 118

Wedding – Last Chapter, 119





Romantic happy ending

Romio Inuzuka has partner rings for Juliet Persia and him, as a gift for her birthday.

Together they look forward to the future together, and to be able to change it for the better.
So that there would be no hostility between the two groups, and the couple could live together without having to hide it.

My opinion


‘Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet’ is a romantic comedy in which the leaders of two rival groups fall in love.

There are plenty of romantic moments in the anime, with a small amount of drama, which is fine.

Especially pleasant are the interactions of the two main characters, Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia.
Even though the two are shy, they still dare to get close to each other and are not afraid of embarrassing situations.
Which in my eyes makes their romance thereby very sweet and heartwarming.


The animation was all right.
Only in some parts I found it very plain.


Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia:

Romio Inuzuka is one of the leaders of the Black Doggy House – dormitory.

He storms off when he wants something and doesn’t do things by halves.
When he has to, he lets his fists do the talking.
To his people he is kind and motivates them to be strong.

At first, Romio Inuzuka doesn’t do well in class and often needs tutoring.
However, this changes later when he decides to make the future more peaceful.
He wants to resolve the conflict between the competing groups so that he can also be together with Juliet Persia without any worries.

Even though Romio Inuzuka is very shy when he is with Juliet Persia, he still has enough confidence and doesn’t chicken out when he wants to get close to her.

I appreciate characters like Romio Inuzuka the most, because in most romantic anime there are only cowards who try the least and are very slow to develop and dare to take romantic steps to move forward.
(In most cases, these types of coward characters are only there to be used by the author to simply drag the story far out.)

Juliet Persia is one of the leaders of the White Cats House – dormitory.

She is a very serious and self-confident girl, which she owes to her upbringing.

Although Juliet Persia was initially very surprised by Romio Inuzuka’s feelings, she still decided to get together with him.
Especially since he also promised her to make the future more peaceful.

She then acts slightly like a tsundere to him at first, but calms down over time and manages to develop feelings for him as well.
And just like Romio Inuzuka, Juliet Persia then begins to dare more with time and looks forward to a future together with him.


‘Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet’ ends with a romantic happy ending, and leaves you wanting more.
I would look forward to a second season as we can expect even more romance with a sweet conclusion.

(For more information ➜ Will the couple stay together?)

Episode Rating:

I really liked episodes 1 and 5 because they were very romantic, and the last episode was of course the highlight.

On the other hand, I found episodes 4 and 11 rather poor.
Mainly due to the love triangle drama involving Romio Inuzuka and Hasuki Komai.

The rest was average, but very entertaining.

Love confessionA bit Fanservice
Meetings and datesSexual harassment
Many sweet and heartwarming momentsLove triangle
Courageous interactions between the couple
(Are not cowards and dare to come closer)
Romantic happy ending
(Romantic conclusion in the manga – wedding of the couple)
Romance rating:
Love confession
Meetings and dates
Many sweet and heartwarming moments
Courageous interactions between the couple
(Are not cowards and dare to come closer)
Romantic happy ending
(Romantic conclusion in the manga – wedding of the couple)
A bit Fanservice
Sexual harassment
Love triangle
Romance rating:

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